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Julian is responsible for the smooth delivery of SECBE projects. From the initial proposal, through to scope development and resource management he ensures that SECBE delivers to its customers.

From a career starting in IBM, where he was a senior Operations Manager, through to companies in the Telco and Build sector, Julian has extensive Business and Operations experience gained at a variety of different companies. He also has an MBA.

0118 920 7206

Angela Torr is the Apprentice Manager responsible for delivering the Shared Apprenticeship Programme and contributing to the business development of CoTrain.

Working with the CoTrain team to support the apprentices to develop and maintain the skills and experience they need to fulfill their trade, site management and administration apprenticeships, as well as advising in the development of career opportunities post the apprenticeship.

 Angela has extensive experience in advising and supporting young people whilst in employment as well as into new employment opportunities. This includes developing relationships and liaising with a number of partners consisting of employers, colleges and other agencies to open up new opportunities and maintain existing relationships; essentially ensuring, the apprentices, employers and the scheme as a whole is well supported and a high quality programme is maintained.

Conor is our Apprenticeship Support Officer and employed to help strengthen the team in all areas. Conor is responsible for all the essential administrative functions of the business as well as providing the necessary pastoral care and support for all our apprentices throughout their employment with CoTrain and` the companies that host their placement. In addition, Conor also updates our website and maintains our social media presence.

Keen on functional fitness, travel, adventure and constant personal development Conor has just qualified as our Adult Mental Health First Aider.

Tel - 0118 920 7208

MOB - 07468 511 911

Mark Pope has been working for CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) for ten years, with 8 of them as an apprenticeship officer in the Southampton Area, and the last two years as the CoTrain Shared Apprenticeship Co-ordinator.

Mark completed a 4 year Electrical Apprenticeship in the early 1980’s and went on to study for an HND in Heavy Current and Electronics. The electrical training has helped Mark follow different career paths working for an Electronics production equipment company for 15 years as an installation engineer, sales engineer and commercial & training Manager. This allowed him to travel with work and he has lived and worked in New York, California and Australia.

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