News: May's CoTrain Apprentice Awards

06 July 2018

Apprentice of the month & highly commended

Apprentice of the Month - Josh Saunders 

We are pleased to announced that our Apprentice of the Month winner for May is Josh Saunders. A first year apprentice who only joined in January this year, Josh is currently working with the Kier Construction, Newbury office, on a schools project in Reading as an apprentice site manager, learning all different aspects of the role. 

Nominated by Simon Cook, Kier Project Manager, Simon commented that Josh has got involved with the site engineer, learning how to use a robotic total station and can set out basic items from transposing from the CAD model into the total station and using the portable pogo. He has also been exposed to the financial side of operations. He is also the project 'super user' on Field View, and when the site office moved location, Josh oversaw the operation, ensuring a smooth transition. On top of this he is also taking charge of the air testing at the school. Overall, a comprehensive learning cycle. Congratulations Josh!

(Left to right; CoTrain's Julian Carter, Josh Saunders and Simon Cook, Project Manager at Kier)

Highly Commended Apprentice of the Month - Josh Alesiani

Josh Alesiani was awarded Highly Commended Apprentice of the Month for May.  Josh is an Apprentice Site Manager working with ISG on MoJ projects across the South East. A recent joiner to CoTrain, Josh has given up a successful career as a Senior Engineer in the plumbing and heating trade to pursue a career as a Site Manager. 

Understanding the sacrifices he would need to make, Josh has thrown himself into the role, with Phil Barton, Contracts Manager at ISG commenting that “Josh is currently exceeding our expectations at every level”. The project that Josh is working on is complex, requiring a great understanding of the complex filing system used and the controls required to deliver to the customer.

(Left to right; Julian Carter, Josh Alesiani and Phil Barton, Contracts Manager at ISG)

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