Join the Create Apprenticeships Challenge

This National Apprenticeship Week 2024 CoTrain launched the Create Apprenticeships Challenge encouraging construction companies to create more apprenticeships with CoTrain and its partners.

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2024, CoTrain set the #CreateApprenticeships Challenge.


We are aiming to collaborate with partners and create 50 new apprenticeship placements by April 2024. By joining the Challenge, you'll become a part of the CoTrain partner network that works together to drive positive change and tackle the skills shortage in the sector.

You will get the workforce you need for your projects, receive recognition as a company contributing to tackling a sector issue, and join a fantastic group of partners committed to positive change. 


Since 2013, CoTrain (a Programme delivered by SECBE, part of the Constructing Excellence network) have supported over 250 apprentices and sites, saved companies’ resources in managing apprentices, and helped them meet their social value objectives.

"CoTrain makes my life a lot easier and less work for me when recruiting a new apprentice. I email the CoTrain team with my requirements and they then do the hard work of trying to find candidates for us. I also trust them that they know what sort of person I am looking for."

Sally Kinchin, Wates Group

We have acquired a wealth of experience in providing flexible apprenticeship services for construction and aiming to do more in 2024.

Are you ready to join the Challenge, create an apprenticeship placement with CoTrain, get the workforce you need and reduce the skills shortage in the sector? We are here for you every step of the way.


Let us know you are joining us by completing the following three steps:

STEP 1. Register your interest to find out more about apprenticeships >> REGISTER

Once registered, you will receive a welcome pack from CoTrain providing the #CreateApprenticeships Challenge badge and information about apprenticeships in construction. Also, your company will be featured on CoTrain's social media platforms and website as a partner joining the challenge tackling the skills shortage in the sector.

STEP 2. Get in touch with Mark Pope ( to arrange a 30-minute conversation to let us know more about the skills you need. 

Gain valuable insights and advice on creating effective apprenticeship placements tailored to your company's requirements and ask your burning questions.

STEP 3. You will be further guided in creating an apprenticeship with CoTrain and focusing on teaching your apprentices the skills you need while CoTrain takes care of the management of an apprentice.

Once the apprenticeship is created, you will receive a Certificate confirming your contribution to the sector and tackling the issue of the skills shortage.

Not ready yet? Start following CoTrain's social media pages (see below) where we share our apprentices' stories, and construction companies' case studies, where the companies talk about the benefits of hosting an apprentices.

Only together can we reduce the much-discussed skills gap and take the challenge to tackle it!

Follow the CoTrain's #CreateApprenticeships Challenge:

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Any questions about the Challenge? Contact Mark Pope

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