Our expectations of you

Code of Conduct

As a CoTrain Apprentice you will be expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. You are representing CoTrain as well as making connections which could help you to get a job later on.

We expect you to:

  • Complete your apprenticeship in a positive way
  • Be on time
  • Be polite and courteous – you may not like everyone but you will be expected to respect your colleagues and work as a team
  • Behave in a mature and responsible manner at all times
  • Observe Health and Safety rules at all times. Further information is available in the Health and Safety tab.
  • Never misuse or tamper with equipment
  • Challenge anything that you feel worried or uncomfortable about
  • Keep CoTrain rules of confidentiality – this is set out in your Apprenticeship Agreement
  • Take the right action if you need a day off – avoid making routine appointments during work time and do not make excuses. We’ve heard them all before…
  • Handle any problems at work in a calm, mature and positive way.
  • Take responsibility for your own learning – ask questions and offer assistance with various tasks without waiting to be asked.

Your future

This is your chance to show us what you are capable of. The bottom line is, if you carry out your duties in the following way:

  • Reliable i.e. get to work no matter what and you aren’t late
  • Are willing to learn
  • Listen to instructions and ask if you are not sure
  • Have a good, positive attitude
  • Are motivated

and follow the guidelines above, your apprenticeship will start you on the path to a fantastic and rewarding career!

At College

Remember, when you are at college during your placement you are representing CoTrain and also your Host contractor.

  • Your college will have their own specific code of conduct and we expect you follow their rules during your time at college.

Social Media 

Just like at college and on site, we expect you to remain professional when using the CoTrain Facebook page and to be respectful on other forms of social media.

CoTrain has a zero-tolerance policy to Cyber Bullying of other apprentices and outside users. If you are found to have been a part of Cyber Bullying or any other online misconduct. you will risk your continued apprenticeship with CoTrain.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety on construction sites needs to be a priority at all times. Dangers can be presented by many areas including tools, machinery, handling techniques and other causes. Onsite Health and Safety is vital to prevent injury or even death.

By having process and controls in place on site, it creates a safer, more secure working environment for you and those around you.

This checklist is intended for an apprentice to have a better understanding of Health and Safety onsite.


You will:

  • wear your PPE at all times
  • take good care of your PPE at all times
  • know who you need to report to if you notice something “unsafe”
  • know there the Health and Safety first aid box is located


  • Will look to identify risk and eliminate/reduce the risk level
  • Will provide clear instructions and information on site Health and Safety as part of the site induction
  • Will have clear procedures for emergency situations


  • Will provide you with free PPE
  • Will undertake an employer pre-placement review to ensure suitability for placement
  • Will replace PPE if it is deemed necessary, for example if it becomes damaged. If you lose your PPE you may be required to pay for replacement


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