Dillon - Level 4 Site Supervisor Apprentice

Dillon - Level 4 Site Supervisor Apprentice with Galliford Try

It is difficult to overestimate the footprint that construction businesses leave in their apprentices' hearts and minds, helping them develop a positive attitude, learn lifetime skills #SkillsForLife, and inspire their future careers. Dillon Hemington, the CoTrain apprentice, shared his exciting experience with Galliford Try and talked about his achievements and dreams.

Dillon joined the CoTrain apprenticeship in October 2021. He is a Level 4 Site Supervisor Apprentice and now working on his second project with Galliford Try.

“Every day is different. No two days are the same there is always something new to learn or something I haven’t seen before”. So said Dillon, who enjoys the people he works with and banter on site. He feels the benefits of working with a variety of people as “they have all taught him different things”, it is something that apprenticeship provides by throwing apprentices right to the centre of ongoing events.

Being part of real-life projects makes Dillon proud of what he’s achieved. It’s a fantastic feeling of achievement that touches young souls and inspires them to move forward. My biggest highlight was seeing and completing my last project, which was building a new sports facility for a college. Looking at the finished job, seeing what you achieved and feeling that you were part of that.” – says Dillon.

Positive experience always encourages dreaming and readiness to work for it. Now Dillon is dreaming of achieving a Level 6 Apprenticeship in Site Management: In years to come, I want to be a project manager, but I know it will take a few years before I can get to this point”.

Young people and the industry need more stories like that to share as they spread the belief in joy and success so much needed after the challenging years we just had. So, it’s not surprising that Dillon recalls the date he was carrying out site visits for students. He hoped he inspired them to choose a career in Construction or even an apprenticeship.

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