News: CoTrain goes Digital

06 October 2016

CoTrain are taking our training online!

CoTrain are taking a leap forward into the digital age by creating YouTube videos as part of our new online induction. The videos are designed to be a short and easily digestible way of giving our new starts a good deal of key information, covering topics such as important documents, what to do with your time sheets, how to book a holiday, and most importantly, when do I get paid. Each subject is listed and then explained on screen with a voice over to break down what could appear to be a large, daunting body of text into easily understandable chunks.

Our hope is by having all of this information readily available online, and in a format that can be paused and replayed as many times as needed, our new starts will be able to begin their placements feeling confident and well informed about what is expected of them.

We’ve also rolled it out to some of our veteran apprentices to give them a refresher course and also to get their views on how useful these videos would be. We’ve included a short quiz to test the videos’ effectiveness and also to get some feedback. We’ll use this information to adapt and improve our online content so that our apprentices always have everything they need.

You can view our new online content here

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